Quality Over Quantity - Redefinition Records


  Redefinition Records is an indie Hip-Hop label based out of New Jersey & Washington DC, USA.  As a DJ and fan of quality Hip-Hop , I feel they are comin' very correct! They follow a motto of "Quality Over Quantity" which is very noticable in every aspect of what they have put out to date . From the music it self, to their packaging to their high quality low pressings of vinyl , they are "keepin' it real like a piece a blue steel"! Check them out at http://www.redefinitionrecords.com/ . Twitter : @REDEFrecords

Owned & operated by J. Notarfrancesco and E. Davis. 


 - Damu The Fudgemunk

 - K-def

 - Raw Poetic

 - Captain Crook ( Klaus Layer )

 - Kev Brown & Low Budget Records

 - Joe Buck ( Visual Artist )

 - Dan Love ( Photographer )

 - Kate Walton ( Visual Artist)

 - Matt Andres ( Visual Artist)


Source: http://www.redefinitionrecords.com/